1.10_Phenomenology of the Ibogaine Treatment Experience_Steve Katsikas

April 17, 2020 A.M.
1.10_Phenomenology of the Ibogaine Treatment Experience_Steve Katsikas
Show Notes

Dr. Steve Katsikas is a professor of clinical psychology and Chair of the School of Professional Psychology at Spalding University in Louisville, Kentucky, where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. His research interests include but are not limited to: assessment and treatment of children with behavioral difficulties, cross-cultural differences in childrearing practices, the effects of psychostimulants on weight change in Hispanic children. I should also mention that Steve recently was named Kentucky psychologist of the year in addition to being elected president of the Kentucky Psychological Association. In this episode we speak about Steve’s and his two colleagues', Dr. Heink and Dr. Lange-Altman, study that resulted in a 2017 academic journal paper called: “Examination of the Phenomenology of the Ibogaine Treatment Experience: Role of Altered States of Consciousness and Psychedelic Experiences.” Other topics we discuss are: how they found study participants for their online survey; whether the pharmacology/chemistry of ibogaine or the visionary effects is the most important factor in opioid addiction interruption; comparing notes: his study’s findings with my own personal experiences with TA extract; the three phases of the experience; the illogical scheduling of psychedelics in the United States that counter proven health benefits; and his interest and tentative ideas in conducting a follow-up study. Also, visit my Podcast Supplements article regarding afterthoughts of Steve and I's conversation (https://amhouot.com/37-ep1-10_phenomenology-of-the-ibogaine-treatment-experience_steve-katsikas/).


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