2.0_The Body on Iboga

August 22, 2020 A.M.
2.0_The Body on Iboga
Show Notes

Welcome to . . . Iboganautics: Unveiling the iboga experience for first-timers and shamans alike. I’m your host, A.M. Season 2, The Body on Iboga, is about the physical aspects of the iboga experience people should consider. The main questions that guide each episode are: “What is happening to my body while on iboga,” and, “How am I experiencing my body while on iboga”? In this season, Tricia Eastman (ep2.1), a Bwiti-trained shaman, speaks about sober supervision and caretaking of iboga participants. Fitness coach and nutritionist, Matt Cooper (ep2.2), tells us how to prevent muscle cramps and soreness during experiences, and what nutritional choices one can make in order to give the body the best chance at processing iboga. Dr. Tibor M. Brunt (ep2.3), a Dutch addiction scientist, speaks about the cardiotoxic risks of iboga, particularly regarding QT prolongation and torsades de pointes. To better understand the eye—brain axis and hallucinogen persisting perception disorder, also known as HPPD, neuro-ophthalmologist professor Dr. Andrew G. Lee (ep2.4) explains the physical mechanisms underlying visual perceptual hallucinations and illusions caused by psychedelics. Joaquín González (ep2.5), a Uruguayan sleep neuroscientist, discusses his research on ibogaine and its effects on sleep deprivation and REM sleep. And Dr. Kenneth L. Koch (ep2.6), a professor of gastroenterology, teaches us about nausea, vomiting, and what happens to our bodies when we eat ibogaine-containing wood products. Keep an eye out for additional episodes to be released in Season 2. For more information about me and my work regarding psychedelic technology and philosophy of psychedelics in general, visit my website at https://amhouot.com/


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