2.1_Supervising and Caretaking of Experiencers_Tricia Eastman

August 23, 2020 A.M.
2.1_Supervising and Caretaking of Experiencers_Tricia Eastman
Show Notes

Tricia Eastman conducts healing ceremonies around the world after years of iboga training in Mboumba, Eyano, Mimbare, and Missoko Bwiti traditions from Gabon, in addition to working with 5-MeO-DMT in shamanic and ceremonial contexts. She’s an inspiring voice on the psychedelic lecture circuit, presenting at conferences such as the Aware Project, the Sleeping Octopus Assembly on Psychedelics (SOAP), and Awakened Futures Summit, to name several. When not doing all of the above, she’s working on her first book about how we can apply ancestral wisdom to modern-day contexts, understanding the holistic nature of psychedelic medicines, in addition to the importance of preparation and integration. In this episode we speak about a very narrow aspect of the iboga experience, namely, the idea of supervision and caretaking of iboga experiencers: the responsible person looking after your body, so you don’t have to during your experience. Topics of our discussion include: Tricia’s background and shamanic training; metaphorical and literal notions of death; signs of risk to watch out for after ingestion; trust in caretakers; avoiding the term “trip sitting” to describe iboga supervisors and caretakers; the neoshamanic medicine wheel; Ann Shulgin’s “life contract”; and what the iboga experience is like overall from the caretaker’s perspective. To find out more about Tricia, visit her website at (https://www.psychedelicjourneys.com). Also, visit my Podcast Supplements article regarding afterthoughts of Tricia and I's conversation (https://amhouot.com/60-ep2-1_supervising-and-caretaking-of-experiencers_tricia-eastman/).


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