2.2_Build Up for Breakdown_Matt Cooper

August 24, 2020 A.M.
2.2_Build Up for Breakdown_Matt Cooper
Show Notes

Matt Cooper is a nutrition consultant, integrative health coach, and strength & conditioning coach from Los Angeles, California. You can tell by looking at his website’s bio at RewirePerformance.com that he’s an avid learner who applies and combines his knowledge from different fields to craft tailormade training programs for his clients ranging from professional athletes and celebrities to everyday gym members and local kids from the Compton area. Matt openly speaks about psychedelics as performance and fitness enhancers, for example, on The Third Wave podcast, where he’s also a consultant. Although Matt can speak about a range of topics, we’re going to discuss a common physical discomfort caused by long bouts of immobility during iboga experiences, that is to say, muscle cramps, and, nutritional considerations tied to psychedelic use, specifically how it relates to the iboga experience. Topics of our discussion include: the difference between cramps and strains; (de)hydration and the importance of electrolytes; purging of toxins; fitness tips for iboga/psychedelic users to proactively reduce muscle soreness; nutrient “reloading” or “loading up” prior to experiences; foods to avoid while on iboga because of how they affect drug metabolism by the cytochrome P450 2D6 enzyme modulator; what and why the Bwiti eat and don’t eat before and after an iboga experience; and how the body communicates its nutritional needs via cravings to be satisfied. Also, visit my Podcast Supplements article regarding afterthoughts of Matt and I's conversation (https://amhouot.com/61-ep2-2_build-up-for-breakdown_matt-cooper/).


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