2.3_Toxicity and The Heart_Tibor M. Brunt

August 25, 2020 A.M.
2.3_Toxicity and The Heart_Tibor M. Brunt
Show Notes

Dr. Tibor M. Brunt has conducted multiple researches related to addiction science at the Free University of Amsterdam and the Trimbos Institute in Utrecht, and he’s currently a postdoctoral fellow at Radboud University in Nijmegen, and a scientific supervisor at the Amsterdam University Medical Center. I invite Tibor on the podcast to discuss his and his colleague’s, Ruud P. W. Litjens, summary paper of hundreds of sources on the toxicity of iboga called, “How toxic is ibogaine?” (2016). Although Tibor is a doctor, you must do your own research, consult your own family doctor, or a doctor at a retreat before putting any substance into your body. Consider the information discussed in this episode to be descriptive and informative, in other words, neither of us are suggesting “do this” or “you should do that” when it comes to iboga health and safety issues; rather, we discuss the health risks as reported in the academic literature and which are publicly available. Topics of our discussion include: Tibor’s interest in ibogaine’s efficacy as an addiction interrupter; heart issues elicited by ibogaine such as QT prolongation and torsades de pointes; the potential for ibogaine to degenerate Purkinje brain cells in humans; females are two to three times more at risk in experiencing nondrug QT prolongation and torsades de pointes than males; whether someone is a slow or a fast metabolizer; the important role magnesium and potassium play regarding ibogaine-induced cardiac issues; and a brief conversation about polyrhythmic music on heartbeat stabilization. Also, visit my Podcast Supplements article regarding afterthoughts of Tibor and I's conversation (https://amhouot.com/62-ep2-3_toxicity-and-the-heart_tibor-m-brunt/).


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