3.1_Salvia-Iboga Connection – Kappa Opioid_Peter H. Addy

February 23, 2021 A.M.
3.1_Salvia-Iboga Connection – Kappa Opioid_Peter H. Addy
Show Notes

Dr. Peter H. Addy has a PhD in clinical psychology, conducted postdoctoral research and eventually promoted to faculty member at Yale School of Medicine, and co-founded the Yale Psychedelic Science Group in 2016. In 2018, he started a private practice in psychotherapy, and soon thereafter began offering professional trainings, including one on Salvia neuropharmacology. I invite Peter on the podcast to discuss his academic research of Salvia divinorum, a Mexican psychedelic mint. But you might be wondering why I'm interested, and why you should be interested too, in Salvia considering Iboganautics is a podcast about iboga. The answer is: kappa-opioid receptor. Only a handful of hallucinogens have high affinity for this receptor. Therefore, the main question inspiring this episode in addition to the episode on ketamine this season is: What can we learn about iboga phenomenology and its visionary state by looking at other hallucinogens that also share affinity for the same receptors as ibogaine or noribogaine? Topics of our discussion include: history and traditional use of Salvia divinorum; opioid receptor system; neuronal binding sites; blood pressure and pulse rate considerations; prolactin release by Salvia and iboga; perceived changes in body temperature; Salvia-induced laughter as a possible stress or trauma response; what makes Salvia such a unique, novel, strange, and reportedly “crazy” experience; and phenomenological subthemes that overlap with iboga, such as cartoon-like visual imagery, contact with beings, carnival, spectacle, and tactile and auditory phenomena. To find out more about Peter, visit his website at (https://peterhaddy.com). Also, visit my Podcast Supplements article regarding afterthoughts of Peter and I's conversation (https://amhouot.com/83-ep3-1_salvia-iboga-connection-kappa-opioid_peter-h-addy/).


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